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CATEGORY Escape Games
GAME TAGS Pirates Island Escape-4 Rescue Escape Live Escape New Big Escape Series Escape Pirates Escape
GAME INSTRUCTION Pirates Island Escape is an interesting escape game series for escape game lover presented by In this game a boy was watching too much movie. One day he watched some pirate related movie and inspired with that move after that he decided to become like a pirate. So he went to a beach, took a boat and decided to go a unkown island. But he don’t know how he will the drive the boat and where he is going. In this escape game you have to help that small boy for fulfil his dream. This is the series of Pirates Island Escape. So you have to solve the boy’s problem episode by episode. So get ready for a challenging escape game series. In this fourth episode of Pirates Island Escape your challenge is to find a key. Start searching some clue, objects and solve the puzzle for clear this first challenge and make ready the boat. Good Luck Have Fun!
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