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5 Criteria for Choosing a Professional Overwatch Boosting Service







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Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter launched in 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment. On October 3 2022, servers for the original Overwatch were shut down. Fans of the game needn’t worry as Overwatch 2 was launched on Oct 4 2022. Unlike the original game, Overwatch 2 is free-to-play and can be downloaded to Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. For free games that don’t require a big download you can try a site that has a good selection of HTML5 games.


In the months since the release of Overwatch 2, the game has gained over 20 million monthly players with 2 million playing daily. Overwatch 2 has switched from a 6 vs 6 PvP mode to a 5 vs 5 format. Each team is made up of 2 support characters, 2 damage characters and 1 tank character in this format. Players can currently choose from 36 different heroes and Blizzard plans to add more in the future. As with any PvP game, ranking is important with some players turning to professional Overwatch boosting services to improve their standings.



What is Overwatch Boosting?


In Overwatch, boosting is when a highly skilled players assists another player with reaching their in-game goals. Boosting services will come in two basic forms.


  • Piloted Boost: An experienced professional booster logs into their customer’s account and plays that individuals character.


  • Self-play Boost: The professional booster joins the customer’s team and uses their experience and skills to provide more successful outcomes


Boosting services can include things such as winning regular matches, completing a certain number of placement matches successfully and upgrading Battle Pass levels. Some services may even offer coaching to help inexperienced players improve their skills.



Benefits of Using a Boosting Service


People opt to use Overwatch boosting services for different reasons. Some of the benefits of hiring a boosting service include:


  • Save Time: Improving your skill rating in Overwatch 2 can take a large amount of time. Some people have the ability to improve their rating on their own but lack the time due to other commitments such as work, school and family. Boosting allows these players to enjoy playing others in a skill tier they otherwise wouldn’t be able to


  • Unlock Skins and Other Rewards: There are a variety of skins and other rewards players can earn by reaching different tier levels during a season. A boosting service can help players obtain items that they may not be able to gain on their own.


  • Improve Skills: Watching and/or playing with a skilled and experienced booster can help players improve their own skills by picking up different techniques and approaches that they can use to better their own play.


  • Bragging Rights: Undoubtedly some people get a bit of an ego boost from achieving a high skill tier.


What to Look for in an Overwatch Boosting Service


There are a good number of services that offer Overwatch boosting to players but not all services are equal. The following are five criteria to consider when selecting an Overwatch boosting service.


  1. Skill and Experience of Boosters: Obviously, you should select a service that uses only skilled and experienced Overwatch players. While Overwatch 2 is relatively new, many players have transferred from the original Overwatch. Look for a service that uses boosters who have reached Grandmaster or Top 500 skill tier level. You will also want a service that has boosters that can play all of your heroes well.


  1. Time Frame: One of the biggest reasons people use a boosting service is to save time, so you don’t want to wait around too long for your order to be completed. Of course, some boosts may take longer than others but Overwatch 2 is a fast-paced game, and a good service can often complete orders withing hours of being placed.


  1. Security/Safety: The security of your personal and financial data is always a consideration when selecting a service and you should choose one with a secure payment platform. Another consideration is protecting player’s accounts. A good service will use a VPN service to replicate a players IP when boosting to avoid any problems with their customer’s accounts.


  1. Customer Support: Fast and responsive customer support 24/7 is essential for a good Overwatch boosting service. Live chat is the best option. Players shouldn’t have to wait hours or days to get a response to questions and issues they may have.


  1. Cost: The price for boosting services will vary depending on a player’s particular goals. Lower skill level boosts can start as low as just a few dollars. The lowest or highest price isn’t necessarily the best. Look for a service with affordable prices that are competitive with similar services.


It is your hard-earned cash that you will be spending when hiring a boosting service so take the time to evaluate a few boosting companies before making your final selection.


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