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History of the creation of the online casinos

At the beginning was the development of the electronic slot machines rather than mechanical, which made it possible to take the classic land-based casinos to a whole new level in the middle and second half of the last century. Instead of mechanical elements, electronic slot machines had the first rudimentary software was applied. Today, electromechanical machines of the old type can only be found at rarity shows and in the best quality casinos, which have their own museums of casino machinery.

Thanks to the upgrades received, the slots were able to showcase the best graphics that could be provided at the time. The second half of the 20th century also saw the development and debugging of today's most popular slot and card game strategies, which were also a constant attribute of online venues. The use of software to develop new slot machines by land-based casinos led to the first concepts of a fully digital service, but at that time, technological advances did not yet allow the creation of full online betting platforms.

The development of the Internet was the second major factor that resulted in the emergence of slot machines as we know them today in the form of white label software solutions like this one - The Internet quickly became a widely available tool in the 1990s, making it possible to create the first digital copies of the machines and distribute them online.

Choosing the best quality online casinos

The last important factor that determined the vector of development and the inevitability of the emergence of online venues was the legislative regulation of the betting process. The pioneer in this respect is the tiny state of Antigua, where a resolution was adopted to make gambling completely legal. In addition to the licenses that began to be issued to land-based gambling establishments here, companies that go to open an establishment on the Internet, which was not possible before, could also receive their license. Today, this island state continues to be the most attractive and popular place to develop its own gambling business.

Features of the further development of casinos on the Internet

A breakthrough year for the development of online betting was in 1994 when Microgaming developed the first gaming software that allows you to bet on slots on the Internet. At the same time, for the possibility of opening the first full-fledged casino on the web there was still one important step to take - customer security. Several important points can be highlighted here:

  • confidentiality of personal information;
  • protection of personal account and deposit;
  • easy and safe deposit before betting.

Only by achieving all of these goals, it would be possible to obtain a site that is not inferior to land institutions in terms of security, but it would be much more convenient for customers. The firm Cryptologic has contributed to this. In 1995, the Irish company prepared and implemented the concept of network security, which allowed to use the first Internet payment systems to pay for bets. As a result, as early as 1996, the first full-fledged online casino called InterCasino was launched by Cryptologic.

Modernity and the future of online casinos

According to the information as of 2021, there are more than 2500 online casinos in the world. They can offer their visitors a variety of entertainment, including hundreds of slots, card games, lotteries or roulette. The total revenue of online betting sites has exceeded $18 billion as of 2021.

The pioneer in this segment was Microgaming, which remains the leader in gaming software today. Even the first machines that released the company remains popular among gamblers, which contributed to the attention to every detail.

The success of online betting was due to the fact that the outcome of each spin of the reels or the cards on the virtual table depends on a random number generator that can not affect either the player or the slots supplier. For this reason, the result has always been random and depended only on the embedded algorithm. Accordingly, the higher the preset settings, such as a high payout percentage, the easier it is to win the big prize in the casino.


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